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Our Crew

Name:   Chanda Giem

Story:    " My story began at an early age of 6 and seeing the movie "Iron Will". Since then a fire started within. It became a goal to have my own team one day.

   In 2007 I had gotten my first 2 Siberian Huskies and two shelter dogs. In the beginning I had no idea how life was going to present itself and the wonderful doors of opportunity that would open for me in the future. In 2008 I attended a mushers boot camp and brought my dogs with to learn more about how to work with them and learn to build a better team. At that point I also learned to build my own ganglines for dog sledding.

   In 2009 I raced my first ever sprint race in Walker, MN and had gotten 3rd place. Since I had so much fun, I signed up for a few more. I've never won 1st place but I still love the environment and experiences.  

   In 2011 I had my first experience bringing youth along for a ride with my team and I. Little did I realize the spark that began to grow inside me. That same year I was attending HTC for a business degree and signed up for more races, doing home work for college to and from the races. Mean while supplying the best care possible to my loyal companions and team mates. Soon I had developed the idea that I wanted to share my passion with youth. I did a few sled dog seminars for area schools but it wasn't good enough. I wanted to create a program for youth to be able to give them a golden opportunity working hands on with sled dogs and teach them the ins and outs of the sport. 

    2016 I decided to put my idea of working with youth in to affect and opened Thunder Owl Kennel's Native Youth Sled Dog Program.  

   So overall, Dream big! Tackle any obstacle that stands in your way and have fun doing it. Big thank you's go out to all that helped me achieve such a beautifully blessed life!"

Favorite Movie:  Iron Will &The Great Alone 

Favorite Music:  I love everything

Favorite Thing To Do:  Hang out with my husband and my dogs, being outside, fishing, and exploring new places.

Name:   Josh Giem

Story:  I got into the sport of dog sledding when I met my wife in 2014. 

Favorite Movie:  Book of Eli, Good Fellas, Casino.

Favorite Music:  I also love everything.

Favorite Thing To Do: Being active being outside. Fishing, being in the woods, lakes, and ocean. 

Name: Yahtzee


D.O.B: 08/13/16


Gender: Female


Races: N/A


Story:  Yahtzee is growing into a solid lead dog. Very driven, strong and fast. Will single or double lead a team. Doing well with commands. Works well with anyone you put with her. 


Name: Benelli


D.O.B: 4/8/14


Gender: Female


Races: N/A


Story: Benneli will run in lead but does the best in wheel. 

Name: Zues


D.O.B: 02/27/15


Gender: Male


Races: N/A


Story: Zues runs in wheel. Has run lead.  He is strong and driven.


Name: Katie




Gender: Female




Story: Katie is the cheerleader. Will run lead and is a work in progress. Most comfortable in wheel. 


Name: Marley




Gender: Female




Story: Marley will run anywhere you put her. She is focused, Driven and Strong. 


Name: Zima


D.O.B: 4/29/16


Gender: Female


Races: N/A


Story: Zima runs in wheel or team but has lead. With work she'll be alright in lead. 

Name: Ziggy




Gender: Female


Races: N/A


Story: Ziggy is a wheel dog. She has ran lead but it's not her strong suit. She's the smallest dog in our kennel. She is very serious about her passion. 

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