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Thunder Owl Kennel's Native Youth Sled Dog Program








Description of program:

   What makes Thunder Owl Kennel's Native Youth Sled Dog Program unique and compelling is the opportunity to work hands on with sled dogs and build a positive foundation, life skills, and relationships.

   Students learn leadership, responsibility, communication (with both people and animals), history and culture ( both Native American and sled dog). Activities include sled dog care, handling, and racing (optional), dressing appropriately, building fires, making meals, making dog sledding equipment, and participating in seminars while expressing leadership skills, weekend field trips to the Hinckley property and Bagley property (Owned and operated by us), and meeting other mushers whether it be musher meet ups, touring other sled dog kennels, and races that the youth are registered for. Students may choose to either enter races or to help handle dogs.

   By doing these hands on activities students benefit from education in building a positive foundation, knowledge of culture and history, building life skills, giving a purpose to help the youth strive to do well in the future, help the youth learn to establish positive relationships with themselves, other people, animals and mother earth. The program will guide the youth to making better decisions in life and to think of all the options.

   Thunder Owl Kennel's Native Youth Sled dog Program begins the first week in September and finishes the last week in March (Weather permitting). 

   We track progress by logging hours into a journal each day and taking pictures for the youths photo album (In turn each youth will be able to bring their photo album home and show their family, friends and teachers). Each youths itinerary can be customized to fit the individual youths needs. This includes gaining school credit for this program providing their school will accept it.

   This program is for Native American youth ages 14+ or to a appropriate maturity level which will be evaluated before entering the program. 

   Each youth will be given a list of things they will need during the program after being accepted to the program. 

Requirements For Thunder Owl Kennel's Native Youth Sled Dog Program:

1.)  Must be 14+ or and appropriate maturity level

2.)  To be able to follow directions at any given time

3.)  To be able to see and hear clearly

4.)  To be able to physically, mentally, and emotionally participate high stress activities 

5).  To respect and love all living things

6).  HAVE FUN!!!

           Thunder Owl Kennel's Native Youth Sled Dog Program is based 100% off donations and                                      fundraisers so we can keep the program free to our Native Youth. 100% of                               proceeds go to help fund the program and give these youth an amazing opportunity to POSITIVELY  GROW!!!


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